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Club Fittings

Custom club fitting for irons or woods.
Get Fit - It Helps!

A key ingredient to improving your golf game is having properly fit equipment. Our PGA Professionals have been trained to fit you with the proper equipment.

The club fitting process begins by evaluating the player’s current set of clubs and determining where there is room for improvement. Next, we test a variety of clubs. In the testing process, we focus on which clubs are most appealing on the basis of look, feel and most importantly, performance. After the manufacturer and club model have been selected, our professional staff begins to assess shaft length, shaft composition, shaft flex, grip size, grip composition, head design, set composition and the proper lift and lie angle.

Identifying the yardage gaps in your current set and making well-informed suggestions is something we excel at.

Burke Golf Academy is equipped with a Ping fitting cart. Our PGA Professionals can fit you into any brand or adjust your current clubs to your specifications.
Call today to schedule a FREE 15-minute Fit or for a more personalized Full Fit (Lesson Rates Apply).